Cleaning Remedies

Cleaning Remedies

Hello, my name is Eddie, I originally began working for a cleaning company in 2001 as a way to earn some extra cash. I had no idea I would like it more than the previous jobs that I had. It made since to me though because I have always been retentive about keeping my own home clean since I was a child. I was born with bad allergies and  had extreme sinus reactions to dust. It was about the age of 10 that I learned that if I keep my room dust free and clean my carpets (back then I used a mild bar soap, bucket and a towel) that I would be able to sleep better at night.

After watching the company I worked for go out of business I decided to become self-employed.  Along the way I have learned from the older generation before me and the experts in my field of all sorts of tricks and remedies for any emergency clean-up situation. This page is created to share that knowledge. If you know of some yourself then please post them. We are excited to always learn new things. You can always come to this page to find a professional or in-house remedy for emergency spills or disasters that may occur in your home. If you have a dilemma that we have not posted a solution to please email us at Someone will get back with you within 24 hours. Also allow us 5 business days to review and add your post to our blog. Thank you for sharing.


Dirt will always make its way to the edge of a carpet.

March 19, 2014


blog picIs it dust hitting the walls and falling to the edge of floor?  Is it that your vacuum does not do a great job sucking the dirt from the edge of the floor?  Is it that the spinning of the earth and the centrifugal force that causes the dirt to always be on the outside edges of the floor?  Whatever the reason dirt and dust will always make its way to the edge of a carpet.  If the edges of you carpet have the darkened effect this is dust build up that can be removed with a vacuum.  Left untreated it will require a professional cleaning.  A great carpet cleaner, like a barber, will make sure that even the edges the carpet are cleaned.

.     Remove the muck from your home, even in the most conspicuous areas.  It will help you breathe better and give you a relaxed state of mind.  Take note of the difference of coming home to an clean environment after a hard day’s work or waking up to a clean home after a good night’s rest.


Juice spills on your carpet   red-stain

January5, 2015

This past holiday I was at my parents home where most of the family and friends met for Christmas.  It is always in moments like these you can almost predict someone spilling something on the carpet.  When it happens people are always amazed at how well and fast I get the spot out with a simple home made recipe, A little bit of laundry detergent inside  a full glass of water.

Pour a generous amount of the solution directly on to the spill.  Use a brush to agitate the solution on to the carpet (if no brush use your foot or a towel).  use a white towel to wipe dry.  The reason why this works so well is because your carpet is made out of nylon and most carpet cleaning soap is equivalent to laundry soap.  Be sure to use a white towel and continue to wipe until the color does not show on to the towel.

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  2. thanks for sharing these tips that you learned, getting stains out is sometimes hard and can stain forever which is never any good.

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