Why Choose Us

 Our Mission



Cleanital is not only our name, it is are reputation.  This is the reason why our clients choose us every time.  We keep every aspect about our service monitored and evaluated so that you may have the best experience.  We offer a satisfaction guaranteed upon completion of the service.  If you are not satisfied then don’t pay us is our model. Be sure to read our guaranteed policy.  We also offer a re–do, completely free, for all unsatisfied work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy

You satisfaction is guaranteed upon completion of every service. If not don’t pay us. All our maids and technicians are trained to follow a 5 step process that will insure your satisfaction, Within 24 hours if you find that you are not satisfied with our service, simply call us or go online to schedule a Re-Do appointment free of charge.


Your Benefits


We understand your schedule is valuable and when loaded with family and career, home chores can be overwhelming.  In today’s world it is more convenient to allow someone you can trust and rely upon do your housework for you.   That is why at Cleanital all employees are screened and then thoroughly trained.  Upon training they are certified and must renew their certification every year.  This way you can continue with your other important activities and rest assured that your cleaning needs are met with your highest satisfaction.

5 Step Cleaning Process

  • Technician / Maid will do a walk through with you to discover the task at hand and find areas of importance.
  • Technician / Maid will pre-treat  any heavy stains or areas of concern before properly cleaning the area.
  • Tehnician / Maid will move and replace furniture, knick knacks, or objects and return them to proper place.
  • Technician / Maid will add finishing touches to shine or remove lent from cleaned areas.
  • Technician / Maid will do a final walk through to show completed work and ask for your approval.